100 Pine Avenue | St. Clairsville, Ohio 43950


I came to Park Health for therapy to get me ready to be able to be on my own again. The staff was great and I enjoyed the therapy department so much that I would look forward to my sessions. I was extremely impressed by the dedication of all the staff. Thank you all for taking such good care of me during my stay at Park Health.


My stay at Park Health Center was very good. The therapy staff was great. The nurses and aides were friendly and very helpful.


I have no complaints; everyone here has been so nice to me and has been so helpful with my care. All of the staff in therapy have been great in helping me get back into shape. I can't thank everyone at Park Health enough for everything they have done for me.


I arrived at this facility on the 9th of December and I'm leaving the 21st of January. My stay here was very pleasant and everyone treats you very special. If there is anything you need, everyone is at your beck and call. The therapists you have here are very kind and caring and the nursing staff is just as awesome. They make sure you have the best care and you're safe. They all make sure your needs are taken care of and make you very comfortable. Thank you so much for the warm and welcome stay! This is the nicest nursing facility in the whole area and I would refer this facility to all my friends. 


The therapy staff was very professional and well organized, they did much to help me regain my strength. I'm very grateful to the whole therapy staff. The Park health personnel were kind and caring people, they helped me whenever the need arose and lifted my spirits with their kind and cheerful attitude. I thank each and every one of them.

Mr. Marshall 

Our experience at Park Health was greatly appreciated. Everyone was so nice and treated us wonderfully. If we needed anything, you all were right there. I thought there was too much food, but it was great and I ate it all. Thanks to everyone who took care of me! All the rooms were nice and clean! 


I would definitely recommend the therapies offered at Park Health Center to anyone who wants to help complete their recovery in a professional and friendly environment.


All the employees from the nurses to the foodservice folks are wonderful. The therapy department did a fantastic job getting me walking and thinking. The aides kept me comfortable and perked me up. Dietary, housekeeping, and laundry did a great job also. My room was kept clean and nice sized. All in all, this is a very nice facility. A special thanks to the administration for making a transition to home, an easier one. Thanks again to everyone!


Park Health helped to make the day special! But I have to thank everyone that sent cards. She kept telling me the past few days about all the cards she was getting. Everyone of you played a big part in this day and I will forever be grateful. This was the first time I saw her in person in several weeks. She told me she’s hungry for cabbage rolls, so I told her when I can come and visit I will make some and we will read all the cards together. We laughed and cried today. It does take a village. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Betty & Dee Dee 

Thank you for taking care of my mother when we couldn't. " Thank you so much for our "visits" through the door." We appreciate everyone at Park Health and everything they did for our mother!

Sue and Leigh

Thank you to all the nurses and staff at Park Health not only for taking care of my mom but also for taking care of the other patients. I never realized how much nurses do or what they see in a day. I saw a nurse pushing a patient in a wheelchair and pulling another behind her while singing to them at the same time. Someone needs help back to their room, someone is ringing the doorbell to get in or out, they go up and down the floor 12 hours a day, and at the end of the day, they go door to door telling their patients they will be back tomorrow and to have a good night. Thanks for all you do! Everyone on your staff is first class. My mother and family would recommend your facility to anyone.

Steve B.

Everybody was great at Park Health Center. I had the best nursing and therapy staff and the aides always made sure I was taken care of. The wound care nurse went above and beyond for me. I was nervous about going into a nursing home because I'm still working and I'm always on the go, but Park Health made that so much easier for me. I personally want to thank everybody for helping make this transition to home a successful one.