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Meet Kassandra Cattran, a Brilliant Nurse, and Belmont County’s Nursing Assistant Instructor

Belmont County nursing assistant Teacher Ohio

July 25, 2022
If you ever meet Kassandra Cattran, you can be assured of a few things. One, she’s smiling. Two, you likely didn’t run into her in her office. Instead, you probably found her out helping a resident, family member, fellow caregiver, or really, anyone at all. Or, she’s teaching a new class of future State Tested Nursing Assistants.

For seven years now, Kassandra Cattran has been a wonderful solution to the healthcare staffing crisis that we often hear about. Not only has she served Park Health Center as a nursing leader, she’s also been teaching class after class of future State Tested Nursing Assistants across Belmont County.

Kassandra teaches and leads with passion, conviction, and a desire to improve the care and love each resident receives. What seems to make her so effective is that she knows her calling. Kassandra has known she wanted to work in long term care since she was 15 years old and giving a bath to her grandparents. When she was 18 years old, she moved in to help take care of them. For Kassandra it’s not about titles or status, but simply the impact she can make and the people she can help. Before she was ever a nurse she enjoyed being a State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) because “it allowed me that 1-on-1 time with the residents. I really got to know the resident and their families, and got to treat each person as if they were my loved one.”

Kassandra teaches STNA classes frequently at Park Health Center. She started this to make sure that finances didn’t stop people that wanted to begin their career as a caregiver. Helping these people is her passion. When talking about her why, she said, “I enjoy teaching the STNA program because you have all sorts of students that at the end of the day are just trying to better themselves, and I try really hard to help them succeed.”

The good news for the people of Belmont County looking for a career in nursing, is that Kassandra Cattran is ready and willing to work with students of all ages, and she has set up the program to remove barriers from all those that think they couldn’t make it work. She’s taught students from 18 years to 60 years, from those brand new to healthcare, to those in nursing school, to corporate staff at Foundations Health Solutions, the managing company of Park Health Center. She takes every student on with a smile, and she’s ready to help many more. Kassandra has taught hunreds of students and is always ready for the next batch of future caregivers. Her classroom is usually around 8 students so that there’s plenty of 1-on-1 time with the teacher, and are always friendly, encouraging, and welcoming to students of any level or background. If you would like to be a part of Kassandra’s next class of nursing assistants, click the link below!

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Kassandra is also the wound nurse at Park Health, but really she’s whatever the building needs. Whatever she’s doing she’s smiling and making a difference. Or in her words, “I truly can’t see myself ever doing anything else. I get to do what I love every single day, and to be able to share my experiences and love for nursing with others is truly a blessing.”

Coincidentally, when putting this story together today I ran into a leadership quote, “A sign of a good leader is not how many followers you have but how many leaders you create.” Now that is Kassandra in a quote.

Kassandra and her newest batch of future STNAs!

When I run into Kassandra I can’t help but be happy. I know she was that day. Passion and enthusiasm like that is contagious. She was smiling ear to ear about the new classroom because she could reach more students and give them a better learning environment. I knew instantly I had to share her story with the world. It was funny because people from Park Health couldn’t wait to brag on her. In fact, the administrator came back into the building just to get the feedback you read below:

I have had the pleasure of working with Kassandra since 2015, getting to know her on a personal and professional level. She is a wonderful educator and an even better friend. She teaches STNA classes, leads the way with infection control and is the best wound care nurse I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Kassandra is always willing to jump in and help with anything, even if it has nothing to do with nursing and she always gives every job 100 percent, no questions asked. She's a wonderful patient advocate, compassionate, dependable and the epitome of a leader and a team player. Park Health is lucky to have Kassandra and I'm lucky enough to have her in my life.
Jonni Amedro, Admissions/Marketing

Having Kassandra as my teacher was so beneficial. She always made sure that I not only understood what she was teaching, but I was also comfortable while performing the tasks. She is one of those people that brings out the best in everyone and makes you want to be a better person. I'm the aide I am today because of Kassandra and I can't thank her enough for that.
Emily Carrel, STNA

Kassandra has all the qualities you think of when describing not only a nurse but a friend. She is the most compassionate and caring person who will do anything to help others. Words could never describe what Kassandra means to our team and our residents. She is truly one of a kind and we are lucky to have her.
Cameron Shreve, Administrator

Kassandra is a wonderful nurse and an even better person. She is genuine in everything she does. She does so much for everyone else and never expects anything in return. How much she cares shows every day in her passion and drive to ensure the residents are getting the best care possible.
Taylor Gonzalez, DON

Kassandra is very kind and compassionate. She has excellent wound care skills and is very good at teaching others how to properly assess and care for wounds. I have learned a great deal from her through the years.
Shanna Lee, Nurse

Kassandra is the sweetest person in the world. She has went above and beyond for all staff and residents. She is a very hard worker, funny, sweet and great personality. I know I could ask her for anything and she would do everything she could and then makes sure everyone gets pizza!!
Sally McConnell, Nurse

I took the STNA classes here at Park Health in 2018. Kassandra is the best at what she does. She is the best wound care nurse and best at teaching others. She is compassionate, very smart, big hearted, beautiful inside and out.
Amy Pugh, STNA

If you are interested in becoming a nursing assistant, reach out today! Kassandra and the Park Health team are ready to help you help others.

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