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Heartfelt Letter From a Family

March 31, 2022
Park Health received a genuine letter written from the heart by a family member of a resident that recently passed away. We feel so honored to have been able to give the best care to this resident and reassure his family. Our goal for every resident and their family is to greet them with a caring and compassionate heart the second they walk through our doors. We want to make them feel comfortable, loved and cared for at all times.

"Dad was with you all for almost a year with extended bouts in the hospital. The first part of his stay with you was during Covid, and I did not get to see him in person until Easter of 2021. What a joyous day that was. My Axel got to go too, and the reunion between the two of them was unlike anything I had ever seen. Dad looked good, and I knew he was being taken care of, despite his many ongoing health issues.

During the lockdown and no visitation, I was able to call night or day to check in on my dad and always had an informed staff member assure me he was good. Well, the best he could have been. The staff was always friendly and helpful to me. Some went the absolute extra mile, and I will never forget the kindness and reassurance that was shown to me and most importantly to my dad. I want to give a special shout out to Jonni, who was always there to listen and assure me that it was all going to be OK. I hope she knows how much I appreciate her and her kindness. I can’t name everyone by name, but all the staff members were awesome. Dad wanted to go home more than anything. We wanted him home more than anything. But it just didn’t work out that way. It was not God‘s plan.

But what I do know is that my dad was taken care of the last year of his life. He was treated with kindness and respect. It did not go unnoticed by him or his family, especially me, his baby girl. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to spend as much time with my dad as I would have liked during his time with you. Between Covid, work, caring for my mom, and being a single mom, it was tough. But I know dad understood, and I hope he knows how much I wish I could have been there more and how much I wanted to be able to take him home.

I know he’s looking down on all of those people he loves including the Park Health staff, and he is smiling. Smiling because daddy loves life, and he loved everyone, and he knows he will see each and every one of us again when our dash is done. On behalf of my dad and my entire family, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making his last year on earth as bearable as it could be away from home."

- Kerri Campbell-Kanyuck

It was a privilege to serve him and your family. Thank you for the kind words!

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