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January Employee Spotlight

January 27, 2023
We'd like to take a moment to highlight one of our amazing caretakers who works so hard to provide the best care for our residents and brings a smile to everyone she comes in contact with. We sat down with our Respiratory Therapist, Jen Forte, to learn more about her job and give a glimpse of the goodness she spreads to everyone at our facility.

Jen has been with our company, Foundations Health Solutions, for 15 years, starting in 2007. She began her role at our sister facility, Cumberland Pointe, in 2010, then eventually transferred to Park Health. Jen went to school at West Virginia Northern but wasn’t sure what she wanted to do until she witnessed someone having an asthma attack. She felt so helpless. After that, she knew what her calling was.

"Even though we are dealing with sick patients, we try to do things to make their stay fun. I enjoy being able to bring a smile or laugh to these patients and their families during difficult times. Seeing the families being thankful and knowing that I have done everything I can to help someone breathe easier, keeps me motivated. I love my Park Health Family, and there is nowhere else I would rather be," shared, Jen. Jen is an asset to our company, and we feel so privileged to have her here with us!

Residents and staff members have felt the loving care that Jen shows to all. Brenda M., One of our residents, wanted to share the following about Jen, "I love her dearly. She’s kind and caring. She’s an all-around good person. I trust Jen with my life; you have to trust a person who is taking care of you. We have a great friendship."

We thank Jen for all she does for her co-workers, residents, and building overall. She is one-of-a-kind!

We pride ourselves on being the leading provider in Ohio in the ever-evolving healthcare industry. Park Health Care Center is proud to be locally owned and operated. For more information about our premier nursing facility, click the button below.

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