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November Employee Spotlight

November 9, 2022
Park Health would like to shine our spotlight on Toyya Baldwin, STNA, our Medical Records Coordinator! She worked as an STNA for seven years before taking the position of Medical Records Coordinator. She has always worked her butt off to give her residents the quality care they needed and deserved.

There are many qualities that Toyya has that make her a great employee. She truly has a heart of gold. She is caring, reliable and dependable. When Toyya was an STNA, she went above and beyond for her residents, being an incredible advocate for them. She picked up extra shifts when needed and worked all through covid with a positive attitude.

When the position of medical records opened up, it was a tough decision for her to take the job, but she has not been disappointed with this position. She is organized and efficient. Toyya still helps out on the floor and picks up shifts on the weekends because of her love for the residents.

A few of her co-workers had some nice words to pass along about Toyya. "She's extremely hardworking and dedicated to her job. She's an amazing mother and leader. She's a team player and always helps on the floor in any way she can. She's funny and charismatic. She's my best friend," said Shana, LPN. Kassandra, LPN, shared, "She goes above and beyond for her residents and staff. She has a really good work ethic and does amazing at her job."

Amanda, STNA, expressed, "She's so good at everything she does. She is an amazing aide and she is kicking butt in her new role as medical records and central supply. She brings light to everyone she meets and is so caring. I have the pleasure of knowing her outside of work and she's such an amazing mom and friend."

Thanks for all you do, Toyya! We all appreciate you so much at Park Health! Congratulations

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