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Wayne's Success at Park Health

August 22, 2022
Please join us in congratulating Wayne on getting to go home! Over the last eight months, Wayne has been on a long, challenging journey. Like so many, he was hospitalized and placed on a ventilator after being diagnosed with COVID-19. Despite doctors changing treatments and exploring all options, he continued to fight and remained on the ventilator. Once stabilized at the hospital, Wayne was transferred to Park Health on 5/1/22. He admitted major clinical concerns that still needed to be addressed, as well as round-the-clock ventilator dependency. Above all else, Wayne’s ultimate goal was clear. He was going to return home to his wife and young children.

Over the next three months, Wayne reached milestone after milestone. First, he began working hard with our Respiratory Team. He progressed from being completely reliant on the vent, slowly weaning off of it, being trach capped and eventually, he was decannulated.

Slowly, Wayne began walking again, first short distances in his room, then longer distances in the hallways. Eventually, he reached a personal goal of walking outside. In addition to walking, the Therapy and Dietary Team worked with Wayne to transition him from tube feeding and ice chips only, to trialing food and eating full meals again.

Each day you could see Wayne get closer and closer to his goal, and finally, on 8/4/22, he went home to be with his wife and children. The outside corridor of Park Health was lined by the staff who had helped and watched Wayne overcome and achieve, and everyone stood and cheered him on as he started his journey back home. As Wayne will tell you, these milestones would not have been possible without the exceptional care he received every day.

Wayne heading home after is last day at Park Health!

We, as a community, have been impacted by COVID-19 in so many ways, both personally and professionally, and it has taken away so much from so many. Wayne's success and ability to overcome all of the challenges thrown his way is truly a source of inspiration for us all.

Join Park Health in celebrating Wayne's return home to his family and regaining his life. From everyone at Park Health, we wish you nothing but the best, Wayne!!!

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